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Tiny URLs
You are not logged in to the service. Log in before creating tiny URLs, and you'll see statistics of hits to the link here!

dy.fi tiny URLs - a free redirection service

Enter a long URL in the above form, and we'll give you a very short URL which will point to the same location!

New! Quick tiny URLs with a bookmarklet:

Drag this [dy.fi url] link to the toolbar, bookmarks or favourites, and you'll be able to create a short dy.fi URL of the currently visible web page with a single click. (Internet Explorer: right click and select "Add to Favorites")

Having trouble with very long, machine-generated links which are hard to cut and paste, are wrapped and broken apart when sent in an email or IRC, and even harder to remember and type by hand? URL redirection is the solution. We will generate a shortcut, and redirect anyone asking for that address to the original URL.

Our service is very similar to the ones offered by tinyurl.com, shorturl.com and others, with the following exceptions:

  1. Our URLs are shorter!
  2. If you are a registered user of dy.fi, and you have logged in before creating tiny URLs, you are able to monitor the amount of hits received by the links.

For example, the long url


can now be referred as:


Short URLs are released for re-use after they have not been used for 6 months. When a new long URL is inserted, it always gets the shortest available short URL.

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