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- Server upgrades and bug fixes


- Maintenance completed on Saturday


- Maintenance during 16-18.4.2010


- Dynamic DNS in Assembly '07 PartyNet


- DNS server fixed

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Cricket, a free statistics polling and graphing tool, is being used to visualize some things that happen inside the dy.fi database. We are slowly getting more users, but it's not a surprise to see that a lot of users sign up, allocate a few cool names, try them out and then forget about the whole thing. Every now and then dy.fi gets attention on some forum and gets a bunch of new users due to the referrals. A lot of the new users do not actually use the service and their accounts are deleted automatically after two months of inactivity.

In September 2004 a bug stopped expiration of inactive names and users. The bug was fixed in June 2005, which resulted in a mass deletion of several hundred users.

User accounts:

graph of users over a month

graph of users over a year

Allocated names:

graph of hosts over a month

graph of hosts over a year

Names which are pointed to an URL:

graph of hosts over a month

graph of hosts over a year

These graphs are updated automatically every night.

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