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- Decade maintenance


- Server upgrades and bug fixes


- Maintenance completed on Saturday


- Maintenance during 16-18.4.2010


- Dynamic DNS in Assembly '07 PartyNet


- DNS server fixed

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Client software

For automatically updating dynamic hostname mappings dy.fi supports a subset of the same NIC protocol that is used by most other major dynamic DNS service providers. Our update URL is http://www.dy.fi/nic/update - if you are behind a transparent proxy which hides your real IP address, use http://www.dy.fi:8180/nic/update instead.

Please only send automatic updates when your IP address changes, or once per 5 to 6 days to refresh the address mapping (they will expire if not refreshed within 7 days). User accounts which send unnecessary update requests too often will be disabled. We have an checkip page at http://checkip.dy.fi/ (port 8180 also available).

Windows clients

Almost all of the available clients speak the supported NIC protocol, but some do not allow you to configure a new dynamic DNS service yourself - you have to use one from the preconfigured list of services.

If you find a working Windows client (or if you have written one, or can get one of the available ones to support dy.fi), please let us know via the feedback page, we would be very happy to list it here! Our specification page should help with the implementation.

DynSite for Windows

All recent versions support the dy.fi service. Installation instructions:

  1. Create an account on dy.fi, and reserve one or more hosts.
  2. Download DynSite and install it according to it's instructions.
  3. After installation the 'Getting Started Assistant' is launched. If you installed a recent version, the dy.fi service will appear in the Account Assistant's service list. Use your dy.fi account name (email address) as the login. The service requires a password, which you selected when you created your dy.fi account.
  4. If you are going to keep your server running for extended perioids, you should set the 'Force update after X days of use in a row' parameter to 5 or 6 days in the 'Update' tab of the DynSite setup, since dy.fi will drop names which have not been refreshed for 7 days.
DNSer (Windows)

Supports the dy.fi service when configured correctly. Configuration is done by editing an .ini file.

» DNSerSvc.ini - example configuration for dy.fi
» Home page of DNSer

myDynIPPro (Windows)

Supports the dy.fi service directly in version 2.6 (and later). Runs as an NT service, and comes with a separate management application.

» Home page of myDynIPPro


dyfi-update.pl is a simple perl client written by the dy.fi admins. It has no bells or whistles, but does everything it needs to do. It might even work on Windows if you have perl installed

» dyfi-update-pl-1.2.0.tar.gz (14 Kbytes)

Other systems
  • At least some of the webcams produced by Axis are able to make update requests to dy.fi. Here are instructions for configuring an Axis 2100, they should work for other models too.

  • Linksys WRT54G/GS WLAN-AP with the DD-WRT firmware (tested DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/15/06)), works with dy.fi using the following settings:

    DDNS Service: Custom
    DYNDNS Server: www.dy.fi
    User Name: email.address@example.com
    Password: yoursecretword
    Host Name: hostname.dy.fi
    URL: either http://www.dy.fi/nic/update?hostname=
    or http://www.dy.fi/nic/update? (depending on version)
    Additional DDNS Options:

    Thanks for the instructions to Kimmo!

  • D-Link devices supporting dynamic DNS updates should work, just specify 'www.dy.fi' as the 'Server Address'. The problem is that D-Link does not allow you to configure a port (like www.dy.fi:8180 - it will try to look up the host:port pair on the DNS instead of just the hostname), so if you are behind a transparent HTTP proxy, you can not get past it and the name will be pointed to the IP address of the proxy. Please contact D-Link and ask them kindly to fix this bug.

Want to write your own client?

Please see our specification page for documentation and examples. It's pretty easy.

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